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ETHOS consults with entrepreneurs to meet business objectives and coaches personal challenges so both are in sync, aligned, and not interfering with each other. 

There is no separation between the personal life and professional work for an entrepreneur. They have a mutual cause-effect on each other. 

A Transformative and Unique Business Coaching Experience with ETHOS

Customized Coaching That Embraces Your Uniqueness

At ETHOS, my coaching philosophy rejects the notion of one size fits all. Instead, I specialize in tailoring my coaching to each client's unique circumstances, encompassing their business, personal life, and individual identity. Recognizing that no single business plan or strategy is universally effective, I approach each client as a distinct individual, developing solutions that align with their specific needs and circumstances. This personalized approach ensures that my coaching delivers targeted, effective results tailored to each client's unique qualities and business context.

Insightful Problem-Solving by Addressing the Root Causes of Business Challenges

I specialize in guiding entrepreneurs through the maze of business challenges, helping them to identify and address blind spots or areas where practical experience may be lacking. Rather than merely addressing surface-level symptoms, I guide clients in uncovering the root causes of their challenges. My unique perspective sheds light on why challenges persist, providing clients with refreshingly accurate, practical, and actionable solutions that deliver immediate results.


Empowering Informed Decision-Making

I understand the skepticism and frustration often associated with coaching investments, especially when the return on investment feels uncertain or has been disappointing in the past. I proactively address this concern by engaging in transparent discussions about past expenditures and their outcomes. This ensures that prospective clients are informed and feel confident about the coaching process before making a commitment.

Easily Executable Business Solutions

I believe that business coaching shouldn't be complicated or overwhelming. My mission is to make the process easily executable, ensuring that clients can navigate their challenges and experience positive change in just three months, revitalizing their business and propelling it towards financial growth.

What Clients Are Saying

David possesses a unique and powerful combination of characteristics: profound insight and access to deeper levels combined with a passion for service, humility, and caring for the well-being and evolution of his clients. He is supremely gifted, humanly relatable, and always offering his best to everyone he works with. He is a wonderful person, a great healer, and a talented guide on the path to enlightenment.

Steve L., Leadership Coach

My experience in my session with David was amazing. He was able to cut through and clarify "quickly" the "why" about concerns I had that I was unable to see. I felt he had a "different" approach for Entrepreneurs. It  turned out to be very true . If you are a business or an Entrepreneur and need a viewpoint that will help break down walls, I recommend getting in touch with David

Fran J., Herbalist

David is supremely passionate and caring. His uncanny ability to “see things”, break through clutter, and streamline issues is amazing. He brings a strong dose of left and right brain hemispheres to your session. And both hemispheres are filled with love and compassion. He has helped me tremendously in moving to a higher level of functionality where I see more of myself and have a keener understanding of where I am heading. Having a journey with David is not only enlightening, it’s fun.

Andrew T., Attorney

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