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We have worked across many industries in retail, technology and professional services whether it is B2B or B2C regarding the client types served


Client Testimonials

David was an invaluable advisor to my business, helping identify strategic areas for development at a critical point in my company's growth. His process of analysis, evaluation of business structure and identification of success metrics helped me really think about what I wanted my business to provide and to what type of customers. Those building blocks helped me refine my business model, increase revenue and continue to be successful without burning out!

Elizabeth G. - Founder, Job Search Divas

With a large, multi-state wealth management business, we needed help energizing growth, turning around one of our lines of business and establishing a new product and services strategy to compete more effectively and improve profitability. David led us through a complete review of our business, identified untapped opportunities, assessed the financial impact of making changes and a path to move forward we could easily embrace.

Steve F. - EVP, Mutual of Omaha Bank

My partner and I needed someone who we trusted to help us restructure our entire business, which included our service product focus, client segmentation and personnel. David made the process of developing a strategic plan far easier and painless than we anticipated. He was our guide, counselor and confidant through every stage of restructuring the business. I've dealt with a slew of consultants throughout my career, but David wasn't a consultant, he was our trusted partner.

Rebeca P. - CEO, Minvera Enterprises


Deep Expertise Serving Clients

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Blind Spots

Often unrecognized, blind spots are typically the result of misidentifying business symptoms as problems


Creating new ways to invigorate and accelerate growth can be short-term investments that do not reach deeply into financial resources

Compete Level

Are your prospects and customers raving about the business, giving you the answers you are seeking to obtain referrals or win new business

Organizational Performance

Often the most difficult challenge to implement, how your people respond and support you is a soft skill challenge worth conquering


According to Gallup studies for almost 20 years, leaders who rank high with EQ are the most successful and productive

Financial Decision Making

Knowing how to measure whether to cut costs, reallocate expenses or invest to improve revenue requires strategic thinking to detail with clarity the expected results



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