Financial Services

With over 30 years in Financial Services and the surrounding technology ecosystem, ETHOS leverages its deep knowledge in the history, evolution and future outlook of an industry that changes and redefines itself every eighteen months.


Who We Serve

Registered Investment Advisors

In a crowded marketplace with over 12,000 RIA's you can grow with distinction & differentiation

Bank Wealth Management and Private Trust Companies

Moving to a competitive wealth management business model requires expertise, vision and knowing the long history banks have played in wealth management

Custodians and Asset Management Firms

Reinvigorating growth through reorganization or new product launches or new lines of business are tactically successful based upon the strategic details that go beyond data and science - the inclusion of soft skills analysis and a wide range of behavioral perspectives that drive today's consumers and buyers 


Registered Investment Advisors

  • Re-Establish Growth

  • Improve Organizational Performance

  • Find & Acquire The Right Fit Clients


Bank Wealth Management and Private Trust Companies

  • Accelerate Profitability Metrics Towards Industry Leading Levels

  • Streamline Trust & Wealth Management Programs Around Target Market

  • Build Scalable, Cost-Efficient, Technology Advanced Integrated Solutons


Custodians and Asset Management Firms

  • Launch A New Line of Business

  • 360 Analysis of M&A, Regardless of Buy Or Sell Side

  • Private Equity Due Diligence Investments Into Financial Service Ecosystem Providers