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Health & Wellness

Living a "Balanced Life" emotionally, physically and spiritually on a daily, consistent basis is one of our greatest challenges. You can be empowered to develop and live a balanced life throughout each day where your work and personal life will feel brighter, calmer and more fulfilling.

I am pleased to announce my role as MEDITATION LEADER to

   Prepare 4VC   

an Entrepreurial Community of 1,000+ members


Receive a Reiki treatment or become a certified Reiki Practitioner. Experience an energy balancing technique that is used to relieve stress, promote deep relaxation, ease pain, and aid the body’s natural healing process.


Spiritual Advising

Experience knowledge and guidance specific to what you may be working through in life or are seeking with your own spiritual growth. Please be prepared for very detailed insights to support you on your journey.

Transformational Meditation

Group mediations to help you grow your spirituality, expand your understanding of the Universe and deliver a more fulfilling way of living your daily professional and personal life.


What People Say

Like many, I’ve been on a path of spiritual growth and self-development for a long time. Meeting David and experiencing his intuitive, insightful, compassionate care is what has finally allowed me to access more of the truth of who I AM. I have been lovingly challenged to acknowledge my blocks and blindspots, powerfully assisted in releasing negative energies, and empowered to actualize my potential like never before. I cannot recommend David highly enough!

Ann F., Meditation Client

 I highly recommend David! I had a 1-1 with him and he was so empathetic and intuitive that he connected with me quickly. In just a few minutes, he helped me clarify an issue and turned it into a positive! If your spirituality and business does not seem in sync. Connect with David!

Joe D., Relationship Coach

"David is knowledgeable, kind, and exceptional at what he does. I will be forever grateful 🙏🏻"

Bobbi Jo P., Reiki Energy Healer

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