Meditation has many different definitions to serve different means to ends. My meditations are designed to enable you to grow through self discovery, reflection and a desire to move forward when faced with challenges. Meditation clients have benefited in different ways: improved focus, improved health, the development of intuition, the act of letting go and emotional healing just to list a few benefits.


 A New Way To Live

I offer different meditation classes to support people new to meditation or working to improve their meditation experience and a separate, unique meditation program to experienced practitioners. 

Level I - Foundational Meditation

These meditations are for you if you are new to meditation or you're working to improve your meditation experience with increased focus and relaxation.

  • Reduce your busy mind and increase your focus

  • Attain deeper levels of relaxation

  • Personalize the meditation experience to have the greatest individual experience

Level II - Transformational Meditation

As an experienced meditation practitioner, transformational meditations meant to elevate your personal growth and spiritual journey. This is for you if you are willing to embrace the inherent challenges that may make you emotionally uncomfortable at times in the pursuit of spiritual growth and change in your way of being:

  • Develop your Being such as all-knowing, higher levels of intuition, connecting with Higher Self of others, etc.

  • Create a more deeply personal experience aligned to your journey and path

  • Learn the meaning behind teachings coming to you from Divine Source specific to you