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Spiritual Advising

What is Spiritual Advising?

Spiritual Advising is the ability to access different aspects of an individual to provide tremendous insight on oneself. These access points include:​


  • Akashic Records

  • Your Higher Self

  • Your current way of being and your mindset

  • Insights on your past that has affected you

  • Relationships with loved ones, friends, and colleagues

    The path you are currently on and what is impacting your experience

    Relationships with people who have passed


All of this information is used to guide you forward in life and help you prosper with balance and contentment.


What is Channeling?

You may associate channeling as something a Medium does. Channeling is the ability to connect and have a conversation with the energy of a person who still exists, but is not in human physical form any longer - they have passed.

Channeling can also be done with people still alive and who have not passed on. It is accomplished by speaking to their Higher Self in conversation (their Soul) only if the Soul allows this information to be shared.

Channeling can also be accomplished with animals still alive or passed.


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