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Transformational Meditation

Meditation has many different definitions to serve different means to ends. My meditations are designed to enable you to grow through self discovery, reflection and a desire to move forward when faced with challenges. Meditation clients have benefited in different ways: improved focus, improved health, the development of intuition, the act of letting go and emotional healing just to list a few benefits.


A New Way To Live

 I offer meditation classes to support people new to meditation who want to improve their meditation experience as well as experienced practitioners who are desiring a separate, unique experience that allows them to have new experiences while growing their spirituality and understanding of self and the Universe. 


Transformational Meditation

These meditations are designed to give you both an individual and group experience, so you feel a deeply personal experience while also feeling connected to a group of like-minded practitioners. The approach is:

  • Reduce your busy mind and increase your focus

  • Attain deeper levels of relaxation

  • Personalize the meditation experience to have the greatest individual experience

  • Develop your Being such as all-knowing, higher levels of intuition, develop abundance according to the Universal laws, managing your body's health, etc.

  • Create a more deeply personal experience aligned to your journey and path

  • Learn the meaning behind teachings coming to you from the meditation experience


Contact me to learn more about current available sessions

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