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When you first meet David Newkirk with ETHOS Consulting, his calm demeanor really indicates a balanced state of inquiry operating behind his tranquil exterior. Therein lies his genius. David's ability to assess a situation with a completely focused accuracy is the true "Secret Sauce" to his success as a Business Coach. He can, through a series of questions, bring out a client's ability to elevate their thinking to the level which results in creating a solution to their own challenge! Absolutely amazing work to witness and experience! Please allow me to highly recommend David Newkirk with ETHOS Consulting as the coach you need to become the person who can achieve your goals.”

~ Tom Kavanaugh

Ne Coaching Strategies

David is brilliant! I truly consider him my "spiritual think tank." His compassion, intuition, and insight combined with business savvy and a professional work resume as long as my arm, is the best possible combination for any heart-centered business. As a result of working with David, my business has grown and flourished with ease, and in ways I never imagined. He is the real deal. Hire him. Talk to him. Working with David has been one of my best business decisions. Plus, he is a dear, funny, and kind man to boot!"

~ Sandy Stamato

Limb Dweller Coaching

"David Newkirk is a wonderful human being and a gifted business coach. He has been supported my business in developing new strategies, adapting to a changing market place for the last couple of years. David is able to meet you where you are and help you take the next steps successfully. I highly recommend David - it's a joy to work with him!”

~ Juliette Schatan


Stone Balancing

"David was amazing to work with. He knew just the right questions to ask, how to dig deeper, and brought me to many 'aha' moments. He listened intently and was able to bring out what I was thinking with a coherent and professional tone. David has the ability to work with kindness, no judgement, and professionalism. He makes the process very fun. I highly recommend David to you.”

~ Laurie Wolpert

Financial Consulting with Laurie Wolpert

I have been to a few Masterminds where David has participated. His advice is valuable and illuminating to even the most experienced and seasoned business owner. I would recommend David for pretty much any business coaching because his wealth of knowledge exceeds that of many I meet.”

~ Darrin Wong

Hyper SEO

Thank you David for all the help and your wisdom. You are wonderful at bringing out and highlighting what I think but have hard time expressing it. It was a pleasure working with you.”

~ Ani Papzyan

Last Stop 4 Pain

David has such a wonderful energy! After chatting with him for a short time, he was able to pinpoint what I was stuck on and help me uncover my specific coaching client! We are both energy healers, which made me feel hugely supported by David in that he understood exactly where I was coming from. I came away from our meeting with more confidence about where to start in revving up my business again. I can’t say “thank you” enough!”

~ Jolie Roy

Life Coach/Reiki Practitioner

"David is the rare combination of a strategic business advisor, intuitive coach, and marketing wizard who can help you grow your business, inspiring and activating the most effective marketing solutions so that you reach your ideal clients sooner- and with ease. He has the magic and integrity to strategically re-energize your business to new levels of success and prosperity. “

~ Erin MacCoy

Erin MacCoy Coaching

White Sand and Stone

"I just got off a terrific Zoom visit with David Newkirk. I found out that he felt the call of being a healer at a very young age. As an adult, after acheiving a great success in the field of finance, he took the leap and is now at the leading edge in alternative health care. I found David to be humble and genuine in his desire to be of service. He gave me some great business tips that I have already put into action. I strongly suggest that you reach out and discover who David is and what he has to offer.”

~ Douglas Wolfe

Blue Mountain Lake Resources

"If you have not met David for a 1-2-1, please do. You are missing a lifetime opportunity. “

~ Susie Chow

Ask SusieChow

"David has amazing energy. He creates a space for discovery, learning and understanding while being compassionate and kind. “

~ Molly Stremba

Molly Stremba LCSW

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