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My Experience

David Newkirk, Principal and Founder

I bring over 30 years of experience working in large corporations, small privately owned companies and business start-ups. My work has been a source of innovative thinking that has changed how industries and business leaders adapt to the ongoing dynamic changes impacting them.  This has led to being recognized as an important thought leader to the world's largest consulting firms and an active mentor to several international and U.S. entrepreneurial programs. 

I am frequently asked to speak on the challenges facing entrepreneurs and how to integrate your true self openly with confidence and success.  My speaking engagements include workshops, industry conferences and podcasts.

Outside of work, I am a certified Master Reiki Practitioner. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from The Pennsylvania State University and received my UC Berkeley Management Program in Financial Services certification.


My Philosophy

I decided to leave the corporate world based upon reconciling my spiritual beliefs around empathy, being in service to others and a focus on humanity which was often in conflict professionally and personally. Finding success as a two-time entrepreneur while living openly with spirituality unlocked my passion for helping entrepreneurs who are facing these challenges for themselves.

I understand the emotions you may be going through when you are figuring out how to move forward in life. Unresolved questions, stressors, self-doubt and complexity may make it hard to feel you are on a path taking you towards the things that bring you the greatest level of happiness and contentment.

I help you understand yourself in a way that feels natural, aligns to who you are and brings a resolution to the emotional, physical and/or spiritual challenges in your life. You become empowered to move forward with a perspective and knowledge that gives you clarity, confidence and a resolute mindset.

Awarded International Recognition As A Mentor To These Entrepreneurial Programs
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