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I am pleased to announce my role as MEDITATION LEADER to

   Prepare 4VC   

an Entrepreurial Community of 1,000+ members

Living a "Balanced Life" emotionally, physically and spiritually on a daily, consistent basis is one of our greatest challenges. You can be empowered to develop and live a balanced life throughout each day where your work and personal life will feel brighter, calmer and more fulfilling.




Spiritual Advisory



Physical Health & Wellbeing

Spiritual & Emotional Healing

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Growth


Ann F., Meditation Client

Like many, I’ve been on a path of spiritual growth and self-development for a long time. Meeting David and experiencing his intuitive, insightful, compassionate care is what has finally allowed me to access more of the truth of who I AM. I have been lovingly challenged to acknowledge my blocks and blindspots, powerfully assisted in releasing negative energies, and empowered to actualize my potential like never before. I cannot recommend David highly enough!

Joe D., Relationship Coach

 I highly recommend David! I had a 1-1 with him and he was so empathetic and intuitive that he connected with me quickly. In just a few minutes, he helped me clarify an issue and turned it into a positive! If your spirituality and business does not seem in sync. Connect with David!

Bobbi Jo P., Reiki Energy Healer

"David is knowledgeable, kind, and exceptional at what he does. I will be forever grateful 🙏🏻"